Our ultimate sample kit includes samples for all our new colors

Gloss Lunar Rock
Gloss Oslo Blue

You will receive big samples of our popular colors

These 4x8 samples are the perfect size for putting onto your car to give you an idea of how the vinyl wrap will look like on your vehicle!

On top of that you'll get our brochures for our top products

Our brochures give you in-depth information into our products, giving you a better overall understanding of all our products in our motion, architecture, and media line

How can we forget our America special edition colors in our ultimate sample kit?

Here is our line made especially for our American market. APA's America Edition at the moment feature four features four popular car wrap colors: Silk Inferno Red, Gloss Miami Blue , Gloss Sandstorm, and Satin Desertstorm

You'll also get samples of all our car wrap colors in the latest UltraJet Technology

APA's UltraJet Technology makes the installation process faster and easier! This technology is made with a pressure sensitive adhesive.Our UltraJet technology also has a Slidablity feature, which assists in gliding the vinyl wrapping film material to a specific position. UltraJet technology is perfect for flat and curved surfaces.

The vinyl car wraps that use Ultrajet Technology are: Silk Inferno Red, Gloss Miami Blue, Satin Supercandy Fire Red, Satin Metallic Joker Purple, Gloss Sandstorm, Satin Desertstorm, Satin Black, Satin Metallic Rose Gold, Satin Metallic Steel Grey, Satin Metallic Hurricane Grey, and Satin Battleship Grey!